How to Fight Loneliness: Tips from a 90-Year-Old Man Who Lost His Partner

Tips on how to overcome the isolation and loneliness of old age, straight from a 90 year old who did.

It was natural for Derek Taylor, a 90-year-old gentleman, to feel quite lonely after the death of his wife and sister. But this man decided that he had to figure out a way to curb this loneliness.

Age UK statistics reveal that only about 35% of the individuals over the age of 65 years connect with their friends on a regular basis and 12% never do! Some of the elderly feel that they have been cut off from the society almost entirely and take to watching television so that they are entertained and avoid feeling lonely.

Taylor, unlike a lot of other older people in the UK, made an effort to do small things on a daily basis so that he wouldn’t feel sad or lonely. He made a list of things that all alone, aging people could use as a guide to feel happier and a part of the society.

Derek’s Tips to Avoid Loneliness:

  • Talk on the phone more frequently
  • Connect with your neighbors
  • Try and make new friends by socializing and meeting more people
  • Get enrolled in an activities/hobbies club
  • Learn basic computer skills at the local library
  • Engage in voluntary work if possible
  • Get in touch with the local social services
  • Think about getting a paying guest or lodger
  • Contact relatives and friends you haven’t been in touch with
  • Pay a visit to your local resource or community center and check if anything interests you

Derek shared these tips with the Manchester City Council and they incorporated them into their “Age-Friendly” outreach work leaflet.

Taylor is not just a preacher. He followed the tips he offered and visited coffee clubs in his area to make new friends!


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