Building Senior-Friendly Businesses

While everyone likes to focus on millennials, they forget that it is the senior population that has the most purchasing power.

They don’t want a lot, really. Just to be treated with respect in their latter years.

How can you make your business more senior-friendly?

As their senses start to fail, they need to be treated with more compassion. Sometimes things may have to be repeated to them so that they understand. This requires a lot of patience on the part of the workers. Older people are less familiar with the technology, so technical jargon should be avoided when conversing with them.

Because their knees are weak, you need to provide enough seating. They appreciate having toilets that they can use without difficulty. If you have a public toilet, make sure it is fitted with guardrails to help them better. They don’t have enough strength to operate a push-button flush mechanism, so a lever type flush would be better.

At supermarkets, aisles should have signs so that seniors can get what they want without navigating endless aisles.

Even if you don’t have a physical presence, you can still help the aged. See to it that your website is easy to navigate. Larger text and images are most welcome.

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