Frequently Asked Questions

Keeping good company conversation, self-development, companionship

Some general Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Please contact us directly if you have any more specific queries, we’ll be happy to spend the time with you.

What is discussed on the call?

There is a world of possibilities with the call. The key goals are companionship, company and conversation – but there are many possibilities beyond that.

We do proactively manage the call so that it is enjoyable, productive and progressing.

We can also help with technology, play games like Scrabble, or do online courses.  The options are endless. See our services page for more information.

Can I speak to the same buddy every time?

Yes, we aim to have you chat with the same buddy each time. Think of your buddy like your hairdresser, for example. You will have the same buddy every time, wherever possible.

Ideally appointments will be made in advance to ensure that you can be connect with you buddy.  You can call at any time, without an appointment however, there is a chance your buddy won’t be available. If this is the case, then we have other buddies you can chat with.

It’s also possible that your buddy has periods of absence through sick leave or holiday etc – in these cases we would match you up with another buddy during this period.

How long will conversations go for?

Each session is 45 minutes. We introduce a finite period so that the conversations have better structure. Having a structured active conversation with a defined beginning, middle and established end point helps set parameters and yield better results.

We are very flexible though, and our members can have shorter sessions, or multiple sessions in one day.  Even back-to-back sessions if you wish.

How often can we chat?

As often as you want. There are practicalities involved if you want to speak to the same buddy. They might have other pre-arranged appointments with other members, or they might have to leave the office for the day, for example.

If your buddy is unavailable, then we can introduce you to another buddy for further conversation.

We are here to provide as much company, conversation and companionship as you desire.

What qualifications do the buddies have?

We hire the highest quality people which have demonstrated great communication skills and a strict congruence with Keeping Good Company’s mission and values:

To bring conversation, companionship and personal growth to the isolated and lonely, in an affordable and sustainable way.

Core values:

Passion, compassion, curiosity and communication


All of our team have a university degree as a minimum. We have hiring a preference towards qualified nurses, psychologists and other auxiliary medial professions. All staff have excellent formal qualifications.

However, we would like to stress that we aren’t offering formalised medical or psychological care. We offer conversation and company first and foremost, and proving the best, most qualified people available to do this.

Read more about our company, team and values here.

Where is your company based and where are your staff from?

We are a London based company. However, the majority of our team, and our buddies that you’ll be talking to, are in the Philippines.

We have an office in the Philippines so that we can tap into the incredible people over there. People in the Philippines are paid less than in the UK, and as a result, we can pass on a fantastic service to our members, at a very affordable and accessible way.

The team in the Philippines also love their work, and get a huge kick out of helping and conversing with our UK based clients.

Read more about our company and the Philippines here.

Will my buddy speak English fluently?

Yes, absolutely. They speak excellent English. They might have a slight accent, but it’s a very neutral and comfortable accent. Our team members voice and communication skills are central to our company’s values and recruitment process. We select the best.

If you are unhappy with a buddy, you can ask to have a new buddy introduced at any time. And there is a 60 day 101% money back guarantee if you have any concerns at all.

Can i buy this membership for my parent/elderly friend etc?

Yes, absolutely. This is a very common arrangement for us. With the consent of the ultimate client, we can keep you in the loop with the client’s activities and progress.

You can also speak and interact with the client’s account manager at any time. We can also provide you with session updates and reporting also.

How much does this cost?

There are four different membership offers, and you can pay annually or monthly. Please see our pricing table for full details.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes we do. If for any reason you are not happy with our service, simply let us know within 60 days of your purchase and we’ll refund 101% of your money.

How do I cancel?

You can cancel at any time, with no notice period.

We offer a 60 day 101% full money back satisfaction guarantee, for all memberships.

Beyond the initial 60 days, you can cancel a monthly membership at any time, with no notice period required. Annual memberships, which attract a 20% discount, are valid for the full year with no applicable refund.

Can i buy individual sessions?

Once you are a member, then you can add additional sessions as you wish. See our pricing table for the details. However, we do not offer singular sessions to the general public.

If you have any other questions we haven’t addressed here, please contact us directly.