Companionship is a basic human need

Keeping Good Company offers telephone-based companionship & personal development for the isolated & lonely elderly of our community.

Keeping good company conversation, self-development, companionship

They deserve to not be alone

Loneliness within the elderly community is a rising epidemic with devastating consequences

Epidemic proportions


Harmful to health


Thankfully, the solution’s at your fingertips with Keeping Good Company

Telephone-based conversation, companionship & personal development

Keeping Good Company offers companionship. We’re proudly a low-tech solution for a fundamental human need

We offer telephone-based conversation, companionship & personal development curricula for the isolated elderly of our community. It’s a simple and necessary response to the emerging health crisis.


Flexible, personalised & comprehensive

Regular, reliable enjoyable companionship.  Over the phone, or (video) Skype, as they please.

Our qualified, vetted & expertly trained team offer curated curricula to suit each client’s interest & energy levels.

We’re available around the clock – people can be at their loneliest in the middle of the night.

Our service is flexible, and available anywhere from two sessions a month to multiple calls a day.


More than just chit chat

It’s so simple it’s brilliant.  The beauty lies in the core function – contact and communcation – which is underpinned by our mission:
To bring conversation companionship and personal growth to the isolated and lonely



It’s simple, but so effective…

Happy clients

Turning lives around

Keeping Good Company’s companionship and personal development can profoundly improve the daily lives of our clients

We’re so confident, we’re offering a 60 day 101% money back satisfaction guarantee



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