Happy holidays for all

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Are we remembering our loved ones these holidays?

Summer and bank holidays are exciting times of the year. The kids are off school, and you’ve got some time off work to, catch up, relax and enjoy.

Holidays are great, but sometimes they can end up anything but that. The intention is to have a break, but suddenly there’s all these people to catch up with, sporting events to attend, kids’ activities and maybe a mini-vacation thrown in there. It’s easy to get gobbled up in all the holiday ‘essentials’.

Times of nostalgia and reflection

The elderly feel as much enjoyment and maybe nostalgia for these times.  But instead of the up-spike in activity, there can be a vacuum as usual activities and services close, and there then left with less to do than normal.

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Christmas, Easter, and summer holidays can be moments of strongest emotion and sentiment as they reflect on happy memories of loved ones and past activities. They might pine for their children, partners or friends. In contrast to their relative isolation these days, it can leave them feeling a little down. For the 3.9 million UK elderly who say the TV is their only company – on these special days, the TV or radio might seem a little hollower.

Life is busy

This isn’t about a guilt trip for the family. Most everyone has the strongest love and loyalty for their parents and the elderly.  But sometimes life can just get in the way of life.

Family units are changing. More people second and third marriages, which produce more aggregated households. It’s not only your elderly parents, but it’s the children’s grand – parents, and now maybe the parents of your new partner. It might also be an elderly next door neighbour, or someone from church. The holiday demands can get overwhelming pretty quick – you are after all meant to be having a break yourself.

Its highly possible that you don’t even live in the same town or same country as your elderly relatives. Families are spreading wider and thinner than they ever have done before.

Think of your loved ones

Life and the holidays is a balancing act that we all do our best to manage. Think of your loved ones these holidays. they might be more lonely than usual, it’s a holiday for them too.

Keeping Good Company realise the need for company and companionship – especially in the holiday seasons. People might feel at their loneliest during Xmas or Easter, or maybe just at the quiet times.  Maybe even at night – when all is quiet, and it’s hard to sleep.

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